Provision and feeding of solids and liquids

Standard plastics and additives like filler, fibers or pigments are delivered in different forms of packaging. Solids from silo trucks, bulk containers, big bags, octabins, sacks, barrels and tanks must be seamlessly integrated into the automation system.

During feeding the solids, the plastic compounding businesses are facing several problems; like dusty feeding areas, contamination, unacceptable working conditions for their employees, and inconvenient operation with a result that the throughput is not reachable over a longer time.

In these cases, AZO customers benefit from our extensive know-how in this sector. We provide the optimal product input systems for all kinds of packaging through specially designed solutions. All systems are equipped with a highly effective aspiration systems minimizing dust, and as consequence achieving better work conditions for your employees. Furthermore the ergonomic and tailor-made design ensures the throughput capacity for the whole production process.

The feeding system can be either located above the dosing level, which is a good solution for smaller throughput or can be located independently and pneumatically conveyed to the extruder (high throughput capacity).

In many cases, our customers have an existing building where the new production line has to fit in or they want to centralize there feeding area. With over 60 years’ know-how, AZO is a reliable partner for all kinds of pneumatic conveying systems. We are highly experienced conveying plastics, fillers, fibers, additives, and liquids. With pneumatic feeding systems, personnel costs can be reduced and production buildings designed at lower costs. Additionally, one product input station can be used to supply several plastic compounding lines at the same time.

Depending on throughput, pneumatic conveying systems can be operated as a collective feeding system with the help of several separators and one pump. All separators from AZO are equipped with self-cleaning filters. If required, they can also be provided with highly efficient delivery and dosing elements. When working solids with poor flow characteristics and large buffer tanks, the reliable vibration discharge in conjunction with a dosing device is a recommended solution for feeding the dosing system.

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