AZO Aeration Pad

The AZO aeration pad in hygienic design is primarily used to assist discharging of flow -resistant powdery products from containers in hygienically sensitive areas. It is used especially in areas where rapid cleaning, possibly WIP or CIP cleaning, is required.

Air or gas reaches the radial holes through the axial hole in the nozzle component and flows into the cavity under the pad. The sealing lip on the outer edge of the pad is raised with the increasing pressure and the gas flows into the container. Here the air carries along and fluidises the surrounding product. When the pressure falls the sealing lip of the pad returns to its original position again whereby the pressure begins to rise again as gas then flows through. This process repeats itself as long as the aeration pad is pressurised with gas. The vibration of the pad actively contributes to discharge aid.


  • Safe discharge of flow-resistant products with air or gas
  • Can be dismantled without tools
  • Inner surface tightly sealed by means of aseptic seal, wet cleaning possible when installed (WIP)
  • Drying of the pad when installed
  • Shock pressure proof to 10 bar excess pressure

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