AZO Secondary Filter

The secondary filters from AZO are used in vacuum conveying systems for reliable product feed to processing machines in the food, plastics and chemicals industries processing granulated and powdered bulk material.

Since the receiver is only equipped with a primary filter, for safety reasons, a secondary filter is connected upstream of the vacuum generator thus reliably preventing dust and impurities entering the vacuum generator. The dust-laden air from the primary filter is directed via the connector into the secondary filter. The filter element separates product dust and delivery air. The dust collects in the filter housing. The cleaned air is routed via the clean air connection and clean air line to the vacuum generator where it is discharged. The filters are cleaned automatically. The dust accumulated in the filter housing can be discharged by manual or automatic opening the butterfly valve in the collecting container mounted on the outlet.


  • The secondary filter removes dust from the granulate
  • The secondary filter reliably prevents dust and impurities from entering the vacuum generator and causing malfunctions
  • Reliable operation

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