Big bag discharge station with lifting device

Big bag discharge station with lifting device

Special advantages:

  • Convenient big bag lifting from transport pallet into dumping station.
  • Reliable dumping of bulk materials into closed production systems.
  • For flow-resistant bulk materials, the dumping station will be equipped with vibration support or flexing device.
  • Even in applications of with low throughput rates, big bags are expedient as environment-friendly means of transport and storage.
  • Suitable also for big bags with insert, optionally available with insert winding device.

Preferred applications:

For low-dust handling discharge of big bags in closed automatic feeding systems. Big bags are gaining in importance as means of environment-friendly transport and storage in systems with frequent product change.

Functional principle:

A fork truck deposits the big bag on a transport pallet in front of the dumping station. There the slings are slipped over the cross bar of the lifting device, the big bag is chain-hoisted, moved to the dumping station, and lowered for docking. The outlet piece of the big bag is fitted over the inlet piece and fixed in place by manually or pneumatically lowering the clamping disc. Then the tie-up string is undone and the big bag slightly lifted by the chain hoist to tension the outlet of the big bag. Safe discharge into the downstream process can start. For flow-resistant bulk material, the big bag supporting table is equipped with an additional vibration device or big bag massager. If desired, the big bag dumping station can be fitted with a low-level detector to enable quick change of the big bag.

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