Lowerable big bag discharge station

Big bag discharge station, can be lowered

Special advantages:

  • Reliable and low-dust discharge of bulk materials into the process
  • Big bags are used for materials with even low use rates since they are an environmental-friendly shipping and handling container.
  • The station also works well with big bags with an inner liner, and is available with a liner tautness device.
  • For difficult to discharge materials, the discharge station is equipped with a vibrator or bag massager.
  • The interface with the down-stream process is designed tomeet the specific requirement.

Preferred applications:

This versatile and efficient unit is used for optimal discharge of big bags in closed automated feeding systems. The big bag is becoming more important as an environmental-friendly method of shipping and handling ingredients.

Functional principle:

The big bag is suspended from a frame attached to a hoist, moved to the big bag discharge station, and placed on the support table. The big bag discharge sleeve is placed over the discharge pipe and fastened by manual or pneumatic lowering of the clamping disc. The draw string is opened and the connecting system is pneumatically lowered to tauten the big bag discharge sleeve. Safe discharge of material into the downstream process can then begin. For difficult to discharge materials, the big bag support table is equipped with a vibrator or big bag massager. Optional low-level indicators are available to provide indication of low product level for big bag changing in time.

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