Docking System

Docking system
Docking system

Special advantages:

  • Universally usable design
  • Prevents contamination
  • Protects the product and the operators
  • Automatic container handling
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Suitable for pharmaceuticals

Preferred applications:

Gravity-fed, contamination-free product transfer from containers to downstream receptacles. The system is self-centring and therefore tolerates inaccurate positioning which often occurs with manual lifting devices for example. Its low -level design allows systems to be constructed in rooms with low ceilings. As dust is prevented from accumulating, zone definition or ATEX is either not required at all or can be classified at a lower level. The top priority is to prevent the environment, that is workplaces and staff, from being contaminated with active or otherwise problematic substances. Particularly appropriate for use everywhere where contamination must be prevented and high hygiene standards met.

Functional principle:

A system of tensioned rings at the inlet and outlet of the receptacle makes the docking system flexible enough to be fitted to the available containers. If this new docking system is used within automatic recipe mixing systems with dosing and weighing processes, appropriate compensators must be provided at the inlet and the outlet.

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