Special advantages:

  • Contamination-free collecting of ingredients
  • Homogeneous mixing irrespective of the characteristics of the products to be mixed, e. g. size and structure of the particles, flowability, moisture, bulk density, fluidization etc.
  • Easy-to-clean system
  • In accordance with FDA regulations as well as 3-a sanitary standards and EHEDG regulations
  • Optimum batch documentation and tracking, therefore dependable documentation of the formula composition
  • Due to its circular design, the MIXTAINER is extraordinarily stable and highly accurate to dimension making it suitable for automated operation.

Preferred applications:

In the foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, plastics and chemical industries where high-grade products have to be mixed. Special attention has been turned to contamination-free collecting and mixing of bulk materials and minor ingredients.

Functional principle:

The MIXTAINER® is placed on a floor scale and moved under the metering points with a linear vehicle or freely configured FTS vehicles. According to the recipe the individual metering points are controlled, and the respective ingredient is metered in coarse or fine stream with very high accuracy. Special navigation systems ensure that the right MIXTAINER® is at the right metering point. When all ingredients of the formula have been precisely metered and weighed, the MIXTAINER® is moved to the container-mixer COM. There the MIXTAINER® is locked into a pickup device and the cover is removed automatically. After that the screw-belt mixing device dips into the MIXTAINER® and the head plate forms a dust-tight connection. Then the MIXTAINER® is lifted automatically and brought into a tilt angle of up to 30°. Highly intensive mixing begins, if desired with the addition of liquids. The slanting position of the MIXTAINER® causes the products to stream and mix very intensely. The force of gravitation works diagonally to the axis of symmetry activating the central zone of the mixing chamber. This results in total streaming within the complete chamber and an ideal mixing quality which cannot be improved in practice. When the intensive mixing process is over, the MIXTAINER® returns to a vertical position, is switched off, the mixing tool is removed from the MIXTAINER® and the product is gently wiped off. After that the MIXTAINER® is sealed again auto-matically with the cover and it can be used for other processing steps such as packaging or filling.

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