Minor ingredient automation with DosiLogistic®

Special advantages:

  • Reliable multipurpose container
  • Quality meets sanitary requirements for processing food and pharmaceuticals
  • Designed for easy cleaning, without corners or edges
  • Integrated unit for exact dosing
  • Euro-standard dimensions, suitable for all ordinary storage and transport systems
  • Clean storage
  • Inventory control
  • Product and operator protection
  • Enclosed access
DOSINENTER® for low-cost minor ingredient automation
DOSINENTER® for low-cost minor ingredient automation

Preferred applications:

For automating all minor ingredients supplied in drums, Big Bags and bags. Transfer to DosiBox is necessary because automatic access is not possible with ingredients contained in bags , drums, Big Bags or boxes.

Functional principle:

The transfer of ingredients is carried out with operator guidance and barcode monitoring. The bags are transferred into the DosiBox via a feed hopper with a suction system for dust collection. In the process, the raw material is simultaneously control-screened, dosed into the DosiBox, and weighed. Via barcode and control, the contents of the DosiBox can at any time be exactly identified as to both product grade and weighed-in weight. For larger quantities supplied in Big Bags, there is a Big Bag dumping station that allows dust-tight docking and feeding. A simple high-bay racking system is sufficient for storing DosiBoxes, one that can be assembled from standard profiles and insertable shelves. A lift truck or automatic storage and retrieval vehicle will serve for placing and removing the DosiBoxes. The DosiBox® proper consists of a transparent PE container in a sanitary quality to food processing requirements, with an integrated dosing screw. The container sits in a sturdy, four-legged supporting frame. A number of DosiBoxes can be linearly arranged in the DOSINENTER® system. They are fixed in place and can be subjected to vibration as an aid in discharging flow-resistant product. A mobile scale selects the DosiBoxes according to formula, docking via the DosiDock® system for dust-tight dosing into the scale, which is effected in the formula-specific quantities by the dosing screw in the DosiBox®. A coarse/fine switchover in dosing achieves very high weighing accuracies - to the gramme, if required by the formula. After automatically dedocking, the scale moves to the next dosing point. This procedure is repeated until the formula is complete, then the scale contents are transferred either directly into a mixer or into a conveying system for pneumatic transport into a mixing device. The special advantage of this new system is that its favourable price/performance ratio allows integrating all ingredients into the automation process, no longer having to exclude any. This provides full automation as well as the process insight and product reliability that all producers of mixes need because of the increasingly severe sanitary regulations and the growing number of official rules.

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