Side-channel vacuum pump type V...SK

Side-channel vacuum pump type V...SK
Side-channel vacuum pump type V...SK

Special advantages:

  • Eco-friendly, wear-free technology
  • Non-lubricated and air-cooled
  • Non-contacting and pulsation-free
  • Protection against contact with hot surfaces
  • Intensive cooling via an acoustic hood
  • Standard-equipped with microfine filter as well as a vacuum control valve

Preferred applications:

For generating under-pressure in pneumatic vacuum conveying systems used for conveying of bulk materials. Due to their very uniform vacuum volume and remarkable final pressures, these side-channel vacuum pumps are suitable for highest demands. The side-channel vacuum pumps type V ... SK are connected to receivers resp. secondary filters equipped with large-dimension filters which are automatically cleaned by means of compressed air. This ensures that no dust particles enter the vacuum pump.

Functional principle:

Due to specially designed side-channel rotors which are series-mounted and graded in especially well cooled conveying units driven by a three-phase motor, the vacuum version achieves remarkable final pressures of 60 or 100 mbar absolute. Since there is no friction between the rotor and the housing, the flanged rotors operate absolutely wear-free making maintenance work such as oil and vane change unnecessary. The specially designed steel plate casing ensures very good cooling with the additional advantage of reducing the noise level and protecting the side-channel compressor against foreign influences such as dust.

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