Two-way pipe diverter

Two-way pipe diverter
Two-way pipe diverter

Special advantages:

  • Pressure up to 3 bar with static seals
  • Sizes 50-150 up to 6 bar with inflatable seals
  • Compact form
  • Two channel design
  • Pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar

Preferred applications:

The two-way pipe diverter type RW GE... serves for branching and joining bulk materials lines within pneumatic conveying systems. It is suitable for powdery and granular materials in the food, plastics and chemical industries. The unit is vacuum-proof up to 1 bar in pneumatic vacuum conveying systems and pressure-proof up to 2 bar – optionally 3.5 bar – in pressure conveying systems. It can be installed in any position and used within a temperature range from –20° to +120°.

Functional principle:

Adjustment by means of a pneumatic cylinder using water- and oil-free 6 bar compressed air. Precise positioning of the valve diverter body and pick-up via limit switches. The setting of the diverter valve should not be changed during a conveying cycle or when the system is depressurized.

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