Water ring pump type V...WR

Water ring pump type V...WR
Water ring pump type V...WR

Special advantages:

  • Completely ready for installation, no base required
  • High functional reliability, resistant to steam and condensate
  • Especially noiseless
  • Constant power data
  • Low operating costs
  • Less maintenance work
  • 100% oil-free compression
  • Cool and clean exhaust air

Preferred applications:

For generating under-pressure in pneumatic vacuum conveying systems used for conveying of bulk materials. Especially useful when no air containing oil must arise such as in the production of food and pharmaceuticals. In pneumatic vacuum conveying systems water ring pumps type V ... WR are connected to receivers or secondary filters equipped with large-dimension filters which are automatically cleaned by means of compressed air. This ensures that no dust particles enter the vacuum generator.

Functional principle:

The principle is simple and sturdy: The blower wheel is the only moving part rotating without contacting the housing or the control discs which limit the front faces of the blower wheel. The escape sealing is effected by a liquid seal ring rotating together with the blower wheel in the housing. This ring completely fills up the wheel chamber at the upper vertex and then taking off the hub as the blower wheel rotates. The air is sucked through the suction slot of the control disc. At the pressure side the liquid ring gets closer to the wheel hub compressing the air like a piston. The air is discharged via the flexible pressure slot of the control disc. These vacuum pumps are optimally suited for use in damp production processes. They are resistant to thermal load, condensate, dust, dirt particles and splash water.

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