Helical compressor type SD...VML 18

Helical compressor type SD...VML 18
Helical compressor type SD...VML 18

Special advantages:

  • Optimum adaptation of capacity
  • Variable configuration exactly to the requirements
  • Compact module
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • No auxiliar energies
  • Large control range of the volume stream
  • Constant product supply
  • Operation with little vibration
  • Long service life, certified quality

Preferred applications:

Pressure blowers of the SD…VML18 series with helical compressors are excellently suitable for dry and clean compression of air as required for e.g. discharging silo vehicles into silos. Overload control devices are recommended for silo vehicles with several chambers. Depending on the kind of bulk material, it is additionally recommended to use air coolers. If required by the location of the installation, the noise level can be reduced by means of acoustic hoods.

Functional principle:

The units are delivered completely assembled so that they can be installed quickly and put into operation without any difficulty. At the set-up site only the power supply line and the piping must be connected. The standard unit for pressure operation sucks atmospheric ambient air through a filter. The helical compression chamber, consisting of an asymmetric secondary and primary rotor, is driven by a motor via belts. The tension of the belt is established by the weight of the motor. The conveying direction is from the bottom to the top with an integrated vacuum filter. Depending on the location of the installation, the use of suitable acoustic devices such as noise-reducing hoods is recommended. The control panel is equipped with an optical maintenance switch indicating the soiling of the air filter. It is additionally protected by an electrical pushbutton. The compression, the final pressure and the oil pressure is also displayed.

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