Pipe clamp

Pipe clamp
Pipe clamp

Special advantages:

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Simultaneous connection and mounting
  • Clearly laid out pipe routing in an integrated system
  • Can be used with commonly available pipes for vacuum and pneumatic pressure systems
  • Electrically conductive and stainless connections
  • Absolutely pressure proof up to 5 bar with axial protection

Preferred applications:

The AZO pipe and connection clamp is used for connecting pipes, pipe branches, pipe elbows, T-pieces etc. At the same time it serves for ceiling and wall fastening of pipelines. It can be used with vacuum as well as pressure pneumatic systems.

Functional principle:

The AZO pipe and connection clamp consists of 2 halves of high-grade aluminium die casting, one polyesther seal ring (TPU in accordance with pertinent food regulation 21 CFR 177.1680 of the FDA) as well as the required nuts and bolts of stainless or mild steel.

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