AZO Pellet dryer GT

AZO Pellet dryer GT
AZO Pellet dryer GT

Special advantages:

  • For system expansions, further pellet dryers GT can be installed without the need for conversions
  • Variable temperature settings per pellet dryer, ensuring optimum conditions for each material to be dried
  • Power saving mode – for saving energy and avoiding overdrying with thermal damage
  • Drying with automatic dwell time monitoring
  • Throughput-dependent air volume adaptation
  • Each pellet dryer is an independent system, enabling individual parameterisation and control

Preferred applications:

Efficient drying of various plastic materials at different drying temperatures and variable throughput rates. The correspondingly dimensioned air dehumidifier LE is assigned to one or several pellet dryers GT. This combination represents a particularly energy-conscious, material-protective and efficient dry air drying system that is now the standard model for a whole dryer generation.

Functional principle:

The pellet dryer GT operates with dried air which is produced by the air dehumidifier LE. One or several pellet dryers can be connected to one air dehumidifier LE. A heating system located directly at the GT heats the dried air to a defined temperature. The air is directed into the material to be dried via a dip pipe with a funnel-shaped opening. The integrated blower and the individual heating system ensures optimum setting of the drying parameters for variable throughput rates.

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