AZOBATCH with one dosing unit

AZOBATCH with one dosing unit
AZOBATCH with one dosing unit

Special advantages:

  • Economical self-colouring on the machine
  • Especially useful for small injection mouldings
  • Fast reaction at frequent colour change
  • Fast start-up
  • No mixed product on the machine
  • Standard-equipped with speed confirmation
  • Comfortable modular control system for operator-guided input of parameters and monitoring the colouring processes

Preferred applications:

For low-cost and economical self-colouring of plastics pellets with masterbatch on the injection moulding machine. The AZOBATCH D1 unit is installed directly on the injection moulding machine.

Functional principle:

New product can be transferred either by an individual conveying unit or via a collective feeding system. The supply of new material is always ensured by the automated level control in the conveying unit or the receiver. The masterbatch is poured into the surge hopper manually or via an AZO®Vent where it is also ready for automated feeding. Dependent on the injection shot, the masterbatch is intermittently metered into the free inlet for the new product via a dosing screw driven by a direct current motor. The addition of dye is controlled by the modular control system MCS in accordance with the operating speed of the injection moulding machine. Fault messages such as “not sufficient masterbatch in the metering unit” are shown on the LCD display. They can additionally be shown e.g. by a flashing beacon. There is the possibility of preventing the injection moulding machine from starting when there is no dye available.

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