Special advantages:

  • Economical alternative for feeding product to processing machines with low throughput
  • Sturdy, high-grade steel construction
  • Compact design, low in height
  • Easy to clean because the unit can be dismantled without tools

Preferred applications:

For simple and economical colouring of plastics pellets with masterbatch. The AZOMAT 100 is installed directly on the intake of the processing machine.

Functional principle:

Virgin material can either be supplied to the unit via an individual conveying unit or an AZO collective feeding system. The automatic level control in the conveying system or the receiver ensures that virgin material is always available in the mixing vessel. The masterbatch is filled into the metering unit manually. Automatic transfer is also possible. Before starting the unit, a sample has to be taken for calculating the formulation. This is done by metering 10 pockets which are then collected and weighed. On the basis of the resulting weight, the batch size, the final weight and the colour percentage the MCS-AZM automatically calculates the number of machine cycles and pockets. The additional mixing time can be set freely. After pressing the start button, the unit meters the masterbatch into the mixer where it is mixed with the virgin material by the stirrer. The MCS-AZM controls the addition of dye from the metering unit according to the speed of the injection moulding machine. Fault messages, such as too little masterbatch in the metering unit are shown in the LCD display and can be additionally indicated e.g. via a beacon. It is also possible to block the start of the injection moulding machine if no dye is available.

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