Special advantages:

  • Fully automated operation is possible in combination with conveying units or receivers.
  • Due to the modular system up to four metering units can be added to one AZOMAT.
  • The metering units can be equipped with 25 l or 50 l inlet bodies.
  • Two different versions of the metering units permit the addition of granular as well as powdery materials.
  • Any mixing percentage can be realized via metering discs with different pocket sizes and the electronic control MCS-AZM.
  • The AZOMAT 380 is installed directly on the intake of the processing machine (extruder, blow moulding machine etc.). A version with a floor stand is also available.
  • Easy to clean because the unit can be dismantled without tools.

Preferred applications:

For economical mixing of plastics pellets with regrind and/or additives as well as for volumetric colouring with granular, powdery or liquid dyes. Suitable for medium to high throughput.

Functional principle:

The materials can be transferred to the metering units via receivers, e.g. from a collective feeding system or via individual conveying units. The units are mounted on a frame. Fully automated monitoring of the filling level in the conveying units or receivers ensures that the inlet bodies of the metering units are always filled. Before starting the unit, a sample has to be taken for calculating the formulation. This is done by metering a certain number of pockets per metering unit. After weighing each ingredient, the formulation is calculated. On the basis of these weight values and the percentages of the ingredients the control unit automatically determines the required number of pockets per ingredient. Metering and mixing starts after pressing the start button. The proximity switch in the mixing vessel checks whether material can be metered into the mixer. If that is the case, the metering units start up. The individual ingredients are metered into the mixing vessel according to their percentage. Here they are mixed by the stirrer. During the metering operation the supply of materials in the inlet bodies is monitored by proximity switches. There is a fault message when the level is too low. The metering units stop when the mixing vessel is full. The formulation is run again when the filling level in the mixer decreases.

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