Collective feeding system - material-related conveying

Collective feeding, material-specific feeding lines

Special advantages:

  • Fully automatic product delivery to plastics processing machines with a high degree of supply reliability and availability.
  • Available with manual or fully automatic changeover corresponding to application
  • Fast integration of new material feed points (silos, Oktabins, etc.)
  • Centralised changeover for high degree of flexibility

Preferred applications:

In plastics processing applications wherever few different types of materials need to be delivered to many plastics processing machines.

Manual coupling, representing a cost-effective variant for supplying few different types of material to many machines.

Fully automatic changeover for effectively supplying a small number of different types of materials to many machines. This option is particularly interesting in applications where the piping system is routed at such a height as to make manual coupling no longer possible.

Collective feeding system - material-related conveying
Collective feeding system - material-related conveying

Functional principle:

All receivers are connected on the filtered air side to a common blower with secondary filter. Depending on the material, the feed access is coupled manually or switched over automatically. On activation of the automatic level monitor in the outlet, the angle valve on the filtered air side opens and the outlet flap closes.

The vacuum in the system transfers the bulk material (granulate) via the conveying line into the receiver. The delivery interval is terminated when the level reaches the "full" indicator in the receiver. Once the conveying interval has elapsed, the outlet flap opens and the bulk material passes into the storage container of the processing machine.

The procedure of the individual receivers signalling specific product requirements is monitored by the electrical control system and the receivers are controlled accordingly.

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