AZO lump breaker type KB 500 R

AZO lump breaker type KB 500 R
AZO lump breaker type KB 500 R

Special advantages:

The sturdy but compact design of the lump breaker, take care for a reliable and gentle crushing of clods and lumps. This unit is designed energy-saving and with low wear. It is available in various construction materials and surface finishings.

Preferred applications:

The unit is used for crushing and milling bulk materials with a tendency to form agglomerates, clods and lumps.

Functional principle:

Bulk materials containing agglomerates, clods or lumps, are fed into the AZO lump breaker via the inlet. The product is crushed by the crushing device and transferred to the following production process via the passing sieve.


The AZO lump breaker consists of a sturdy housing with inlet and outlet flanges, crushing device and a gear motor mounted laterally. The unit is available with the construction material nos. 1.4301 (V2A) or 1.4404 (V4A) and various surface finishings including electrolytic polish.

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