Cyclone screener DA 650

Cyclone screener DA 650
Cyclone screener DA 650

Special advantages:

  • Low overall height
  • No additional metering device required
  • Completely extractable without tools
  • Drive of the metering screw can be removed via quick-release clamps
  • Drive with screen can be extracted and swivelled
  • Easy and fast inspection of the screen cage
  • Nickel chromium steel design with a selection of surface finishings

Preferred applications:

The cyclone screener type DA is used for control screening, protective screening, fractioning, elimination of foreign particles, breaking of lumps as well as for loosening product. The special feature of this unit is the fact that, because of the built-in self-metering device, no additional metering unit is required.

Functional principle:

The material enters the metering screw via the product inlet and is transferred to the screen casing. The specific metering of the product for the screening process can be effected by means of a frequency transformer for the adjustable screw speed. The material is picked up by the separately driven intake distributor with fluidizing bars and gently swirled through the screen cage. The fines drop through the screen into the fines discharge, the coarse material is transferred to the coarse material outlet where it is gently discharged. The screen cage can be easily pulled out and swivelled to the side of the casing for inspection by means of the special extracting device with quick-release clamps. This permits careful inspection and fast exchange of the screen if necessary. The metering screw can also be extracted quickly via quick-release clamps. All connections which are relevant to the safety of the unit are protected by safety devices (limit switches) which immediately cut off the machine when it is opened. The screen fabric, which is mounted on rings, can vibrate freely and therefore cleans itself automatically. The additionally installed baffle makes sure that not too much fine material enters the coarse product outlet.

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