Screener FLF 650

Screener FLF 650
Screener FLF 650

Special advantages:

  • Optimum screening results with a minimum of operational effort.
  • Extremely short amortization period, sometimes considerably less than half a year.
  • High throughput capacities, even with fine mesh sizes.
  • Automatic elimination of solids and screen cleaning.
  • All product contacting parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Sturdy and high-quality design at a favourable price.
  • Special design for operations with USDA monitoring.
  • Little maintenance required, easy-to-clean design; simple dismantling due to quick-release clamps.
  • Screen element can be changed without tools.
  • Easy, uncomplicated operation, well-tried construction.

Preferred applications:

For continuous separation of solids from liquids, e

  • cheese fines from whey
  • butter from buttermilk
  • fruit remains from fruit juice
  • safety screening in the production of latex
  • preliminary clarification of sewage water
  • wherever agglomerates may develop when stirring powder into liquids
  • recovery of solids from liquids
  • safety screening in the production of varnish
  • separation of solid chemicals from sewage
  • removal of remains in used oil

Functional principle:

The liquid with the solids is metered continuously and without bubbles into the screener via the inlet pipe. The rotor with the feeding screw transfers the liquid into the screening chamber where it is gently swirled through the screen fabric by the fluidizing bars. The liquid then flows through the screen fabric into a collecting vessel via the liquids discharge. The solids are conveyed to the solids outlet where they are discharged into a chute and transferred to the production process. The residence time in the screen chamber and thus the residual moisture of the solids can be influenced within certain limits by the adjustable tilt. The throughput capacity especially depends on the mesh size and the driving speed of the frequency converter (optional). The screen fabric can vibrate freely and thus cleans itself automatically. Blows caused by smaller foreign substances can also be get under control so that there is no damage.

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