AZODOS® P30/2 DDW; P50/2 DDW

AZODOS® P30/2 DDW; P50/2 DDW
AZODOS® P30/2 DDW; P50/2 DDW

Special advantages:

  • Differential dosing scale (loss-in-weight principle)
  • Precise online control and quick correction in the event of deviations from nominal value
  • Absolute weight measurement
  • No misrepresentation through bulk density fluctuations
  • No laborious calibration process
  • Measurement recording with high resolution
  • Easy-clean system for quick component changes
  • Extendable through modular design

Preferred applications:

The AZODOS® Type P... DDW dosing system for continuous, gravimetric feeding of production processes, such as extruders, with powdery products or powders with poor flowing characteristics. In the foodstuffs industry, pharmaceutical, chemicals and plastics industries, particularly where there is a need to feed production processes with a continuous material flow and high level of control ease.

Functional principle:

The AZODOS® Type P...DDW uses gravimetric dosing with mass flow control according to the loss-in-weight principle. Powdery materials are discharged from the hopper by means of an agitator and fed into the double screws. The automatically controlled double dosing screw discharges the material and the quantity discharged is precisely recorded. Through a reference variable specified by the subsequent production processes (extruder), the throughput rate is adapted to the subsequent process by adjustment of the screw speed. When the filling level in the hopper reaches the minimum value, refilling is automatically requested. During the brief refill phase, the gravimetric dosing system continues to operate controlled by the screw speed and returns to mass flow-dependent automatic control as soon as the refill process has finished.

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