AZODOS® P30/2 DW; P50/2 DW

AZODOS® P30/2 DW; P50/2 DW
AZODOS® P30/2 DW; P50/2 DW

Special advantages:

  • As discharge weighing system, very compact design
  • Maximum dosing accuracy through coarse/fine flow
  • High-quality double dosing screws with linear dosing function
  • Rust-free, durable chrome-nickel steel construction
  • Easy-clean system for quick component changes
  • Extendable through modular design

Preferred applications:

The AZODOS® Type P... DW dosing system for gravimetric feeding of production processes with powdery products or powders with poor flowing characteristics. In the foodstuffs industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics industries, particularly where there is a need to feed production processes with precisely weighed minor ingredients.

Functional principle:

The AZODOS® Type P... DW works with the gravimetric principle with a speed control system and coarse/fine flow. Powder materials are discharged from the hopper by means of an agitator and fed into the double screws. The double dosing screw. discharges the material in defined quantities and the discharged quantity is precisely measured and recorded by a weighing module.

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