AZO Air dehumidifier LE

AZO Air dehumidifier LE
AZO Air dehumidifier LE

Special advantages:

  • Ergonomic, function-orientated design
  • Digital measurement of dew point in °C, dew point better than -30 °C
  • Digital measurement and display of currently required total volume of dry air
  • Dew point monitoring provided as standard with continuous display
  • Dew point and temperature-controlled desorption
  • Large line and chamber cross sections, correspondingly low pressure loss in the system
  • Large dimensioned filter in dry air, return air and regeneration circuits
  • Permanent air volume monitoring and control
  • Large drying agent volume ensures fewer regeneration cycles
  • Drying agent can be replaced without the need for servicing personnel
  • Temperature-controlled cooling

Preferred applications:

For energy-saving, material-protective and efficient drying of plastic granulate. The new AZO dry-air drying system consists of an air dehumidifier LE and one or several pellet dryers GT.

System advantages:

This new system differs fundamentally from standard concepts available on the market, in terms of its principle of enabling individual adaptation of the drying system to the respective material to be dried. This means that the material can be dried efficiently and reliably by the installation of a heating system and a blower on each drying hopper.

Functional principle:

The type LE air dehumidifier operates in accordance with the AZO double-chamber principle, i.e. one chamber is responsible for drying while the other chamber is used for regeneration and cooling purposes. Switchover between chamber A and B occurs upon reaching a dew point of -30 °C. The air to be dried is passed through the drying agent in one of the two chambers. In this way, moisture is removed from the air which is then made available to the pellet dryer. The changeover to the second chamber takes place as previously described when the drying agent (molecular sieve) is saturated with water. The first chamber is then regenerated by the heated air, i.e. the moisture is removed from the molecular sieve. The AZO system is characterised by particularly efficient operation as only the amount of air actually required for the drying process is dehumidified.

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