Dust free connection system

Connecting system for big bags

Special advantages:

  • Dust-tight docking
  • Reliable discharge
  • Easy handling
  • Individual use

Preferred applications:

For dust-tight docking and safe dumping of lined and un-lined big bag. Suitable for all free-flowing materials.

Functional principle:

Version A

The big bags are suspended on mobile lifting devices, transported to the respective big bag connecting system and there deposited on a supporting table. The outlet of the big bag is slipped over the inlet piece and clamped by manual or pneumatic lowering of the clamping disc. Then the string is untied, and the connecting system automatically lowered in order to tauten the outlet. Dumping into the downstream process may start.

Version F

Handling as described above for version A except the following difference: Instead of the connecting system being lowered, the big bag is lifted by the lifting device when necessary to tauten the outlet.

With flow-resistant materials, a vibration support or bag massagers can be used in addition. If desired, the big bag connecting system can be equipped with a low-level detector for warning of big bag change time.

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