Docking station for DOSITAINER®

Docking station for DOSITAINER®
Docking station for DOSITAINER®

Special advantages:

  • Dust-free and reliable product discharge from AZO DOSITAINER®, using patented docking collar
  • Enables residue-free changeover without intermediate cleaning of the dosing screw
  • Optimum system for feeding automatic conveying and weighing processes
  • Reliable discharge with optional vibration support
  • Optional identification systems rule out confusion of containers, permitting exact batch tracking and documenting.

Preferred applications:

The container docking station pro-vides discharge of bulk materials from an AZO DOSITAINER®. It is especially designed for applications requiring changing of containers without residue or intermediate cleaning. The use of the AZO DOSITAINER® in combination with the docking station is increasing worldwide as an auto-mated portable means of storing and dosing bulk materials.

Functional principle:

The AZO DOSITAINER® is placed on top of the container docking station by a fork lift or other lifting device. If vibration is required for discharge, the container must be locked in place with air operated latches. An optional electronic identification system assures that the right container is in place before discharge can begin. A dust tight connection is made with the patented docking collar. The drive for the dosing screw uses a friction wheel and is automatically engaged when a container is set in position. The optional vibratory table provides both reliable discharge of difficult in-gredients and uniform filling of the dosing screw. Coarse/fine speeds for the dosing screw provide highly accurate feeding into the downstream conveying and weighing process even at high capacities. The air operated shut-off valve at the discharge provides instant and complete cut off of material flow.

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