Hose switch type SLS and SLG

Hose switch type SLS and SLG
Hose switch type SLS and SLG

Special advantages:

  • Streamlined, smooth passage with minimum directional change of product
  • Particularly advantageous for fatty products
  • Prevents the formation of deposits of heat-sensitive products

Preferred applications:

AZO hose switch was developed for use in vacuum conveying systems. Due to their design standard diverter valves with rotary elements cause a directional change of the delivery flow, resulting in a larger pressure drop. With the AZO hose switch a solution has been developed that makes it possible to achieve minimum directional change of product.

Functional principle:

Hose switch SLS …

Hose switches are used to control product flow in conveying systems. Depending on the delivery direction, it is possible to direct product coming from two lines into one delivery line or vice versa. The non-connected line is sealed off tight. The pipe must be emptied prior to changeover.

Hose switch SLG …

To interrupt product delivery, blower unloading valves allow a blower connected to a fixed connector to continue operating by simply switching the gates. The blower can then draw in air through an opening in the slide and through air slots in the housing. At the same time, the other line is switched such that the lines of the conveying systems are vented via a filter.

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