Vacuum pump Mink

Vacuum pump Mink
Vacuum pump Mink

Special advantages:

  • Steady vacuum
  • High vacuum output
  • Non-lubricated rotary piston
  • Non-contacting compression without oil and water
  • Less maintenance
  • Power saving due to good efficiency
  • No disposal of lubricants

Preferred applications:

For generating under-pressure in pneumatic vacuum conveying systems used for conveying of bulk materials. Determined by the system, large-dimension filters in the preceding receiver or secondary filters, which are automatically cleaned with compressed air, prevent dust from entering the vacuum blower.

Functional principle:

Two rotating pistons rotate in opposite flow within a casing. Due to the special geometric shape of the rotary pistons the sucked air is compressed inside the pump. The air is sucked via the suction head, compressed in the compression chamber and then ejected at the pressure end. The air leaves the pump via the silencer. The vacuum head is standard-equipped with a check valve which prevents air from entering the conveying system when the pump is switched-off. The rotary piston vacuum pump is driven by a motor. A synchronous gear ensures precise synchronous running of the two rotary pistons. Due to a comprehensive range of accessories these vacuum pumps can be equipped for any application.

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