Special advantages:

  • Efficient system integrates several functions such as conveying, dosing, weighing and mixing in one machine.
  • High repeat accuracy ensured by precision weighing of all components
  • Large cleaning doors facilitate rapid dye change and intensive cleaning
  • Exact throughput volume acquisition for each processing machine
  • Widespread use of stainless steel ensures system retains its value

Preferred applications:

For discontinuous, gravimetric product supply, mixing and dyeing of granulate with masterbatch, regenerated material, pigments and additives. Suitable for medium to high throughput rates in connection with injection moulding and blow moulding machines as well as extruders and film blowing extruders.

Functional principle:

The MIXOMAT consists of a conical housing, filling and venting connections, large cleaning door with quick-release fasteners and inspection glass facilities. Agitator with gear motor and compressed air operated outlet locking mechanism. A support console is provided for mounting and securing purposes. All parts that come in contact with the product are made from stainless steel. The ground and polished version should be used for special requirements and for cleaning applications involving pigments.


For feeding and mixing of weighed components as well as dyeing of plastics with dyeing agents and additives accurate to the formula. An exemplary degree of efficiency is achieved by integrating the conveying, dosing, weighing and mixing stages in one unit. This is of particular advantage in meeting demanding requirements in terms of quality and repeat accuracy as well as in applications where material consumption is to be registered and balanced exactly. This, of course, also applies to the addition of weighed minor components. Can be used as an individual feeding system as well as in collective feeding systems with a common blower and secondary filter.

MIXOMAT scale – Design layout

The MIXOMAT scale is identical to the MIXOMAT, but with additional features; a weighing device with frame and damping facility. A compressed air purged filter and a conveyor connection are additionally required for individual product feed. In collective feeding systems, the MIXOMAT scales are equipped with angle valves and compressed air purged primary filters.

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