Special advantages:

  • Consistent quality ensured by precision weighing of all components
  • Traceable formula with composition verification
  • Unaffected by fluctuations in apparent weight
  • Best prerequisites for certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9000 ff

Preferred applications:

For effectively and reliably supplying granulate, masterbatch, additives and regenerated material to blow moulding machines and injection moulding machines as well as extruders wherever the parts must meet demanding quality requirements. For medium to high throughput rates.

Functional principle:

  • Documented weighing of all components accurate to the gram (granulate, regenerated materials, additives, masterbatch)
  • Dosing up to 4 components into a high-precision scale
  • Weighed batch is conveyed pneumatically into the MIXOVERT® mixer where it is mixed homogenously
  • Transfer to injection moulding machine, blow moulding machine or extruder
  • Easily accessible non-intrusive built-on assemblies on the processing machines
  • Easy-to-clean for effective product changeover
  • No residue discharge of raw material components when changing product
  • Control and monitoring of overall production process by means of PLC modules

System layout

Standard version for individual product feed system consisting of:

  • One FLEXIDOS® for storage and supply of granulate, regenerated materials, additives and master batch with integrated dosing to a high-precision scale
  • One MIXOVERT® mixer for conveying the products from the FLEXIDOS® to the processing machine while simultaneously mixing the batch

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